Presets – The Solution I have for you..

Do you hate wasting time behind your computer editing photos & videos?

Travel photography & videography is about being outdoors and producing content, not consuming time behind our computers for hours on end. Investing in these inexpensive presets, transitions or LUT’s will increase productivity for any travel filmmaker or photographer.

These presets are certain to speed up your workflow and allow you to utilise your time effectively – outdoors, creating content!

Travel Filmmakers Creative LUT’s Package

Speed up your colour grading workflow in Premiere Pro with this travel filmmakers creative LUT’s package. Includes 15 LUT’s to match any filmmakers style from Indie, Arctic, Fall, Moody, Wanderlust or merely clean and crisp edits.

Save time editing by applying these LUT’s with additional tweaks to create your style and mood throughout your videos. Allows you to save time behind the computer allowing you to spend more time out creating!

YouTube Audio Presets

Audio is KING! When it comes to creating those professional videos. It doesn’t matter if it’s YouTube, travel video or working for high-end clients – audio is crucial to the storytelling.

When I first started with video, I focused heavily on capturing the visual story but soon realised that 50% of the narrative’s told through audio. Invest in these presets to enhance your storytelling to deliver that crisp audio your video deserves!

Travel Photography Lightroom Presets

Do you take 100’s if not 1000’s of images while your away travelling, then soon realise they have to edit every single one?

Well, I have a solution for you!

These 20 unique presets will allow you to batch edit similar photos from your travel with minor adjustments to enhance the image to your taste. Stop wasting time and invest in these presets to speed up your workflow.

Travel Film Transitions – Premiere Pro

Do you want your travel films to be unique and stand out?

Investing in these transitions will not only enhance your video quality and make your videos stand out from the rest, but also speed up your post-production workflow.

If you’re anything like me, you will spend hours and hours out in the field, capturing that unique and stunning footage. Finish your work out and make it stand out from your composition with these travel-related transitions.

Panasonic Cinelike-D Lut’s

If you own a Panasonic like me, you’ll know they make a beast of a camera. But why would you pay extra for V-Log?

Save yourself the additional cost and shoot in Cinelike-D. Add a mere colour grade to create that gorgeous footage that Panasonic offers that is now colour graded entirely.

These LUT’s I’ve created allows you to access Panasonic beautiful colour science along with broad dynamic range without extra the cost!

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