Photography Courses

Photography & Editing courses focused on landscape, travel, cityscape, night photography and many more to come. Classes designed for beginners to an advanced level photographer who wish to put in the hard work and effort to capture images like a pro! Learn from an award-winning travel and landscape photographer from Australia who has travelled to over 100+ countries in the last ten years. Now is Matthew Storers time to give back through his courses with more than a decade in the business – Do you want to take your photography to the next level?

Adobe Lightroom – Landscape Photography ULTIMATE Guide

Learn how to edit your images like a PRO! A complete editing course focused on understanding Adobe Lightroom and how to edit your landscape images. ONE course to take you from a beginner and teach you ALL you ever needed to know!

What’s Included?
 6+ hours of content
 47 Editing Tutorial Lessons
 ALL 65 RAW Images (follow step by step!)
 PDF Files
24/7 Professional Assistance

Read more here to MASTER Adobe Lightroom and learn how to up you editing up your images, even if you’re a complete beginner!

Night Photography MASTERCLASS : Capture Stunning Photos

Learn how to plan, capture and editing night photography images like a pro! A complete beginners course focused on achieving beautiful night sky images. One course to take you from an absolute beginner teaching you all the basics you’ll ever need to know for night photography.

What’s Included?
✅ 4.5 hours of content
✅ 62 In-field + Editing tutorial lessons
✅ 288 Raw Images for Editing
✅ 24/7 Professional Assistance

Read more here to Understand how to plan and capture the night skies even if you’re a complete beginner.

Landscape & Nature Photography ULTIMATE Guide

Learn how to capture unique and compelling landscape image! A complete landscape and nature photography course focused on understanding the basics of capturing stunning photos. One course designed to take any beginner photographer and teach you ALL you need to know to up your photography!

What’s Included?
✅ 6+ hours of content
✅ 75 In-field + Editing Tutorial Lessons
✅ ALL RAW Images (follow step by step!)
✅ PDF Files
✅ 24/7 Professional Assistance

A complete beginners guide to landscape and nature photography.

Travel Photography: Capture BREATHTAKING Travel Images

Learn how to capture unique and everlasting travel photos from your adventures! A course designed for photographers who want to achieve unique and memorable images from there travel. Learn in-camera techniques, utilise light, portray a story and image editing —one complete course about travel & adventure photography.

What’s Included?
✅ 3+ hours of content
✅ In-Field + Editing tutorials
✅ ALL RAW Images 
✅ PDF Files
✅ 24/7 Professional Assistance

Understand how to capture everlasting memories with powerful images that speak to you.

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