Drone Landscape Photography Images

A showcase of the best Drone Landscape Photography images of 2020 by international landscape & travel photographer Matthew Storer. In addition, these images portray a set of unique images from undiscovered countries around the world.

Below is a portfolio of the best Drone images of 2020 from countries such as Scotland, Kyrgyzstan, Slovenia, Balkans and much more! 

Kol Tor Lake
Durmitor National Park
Logar Valley Sunrise
Glencoe Bridge - Scotland
Konorchek Canyon
Mountain Pass Road
Fairy Pools - Scotland
Lago Di Predil Frozen
Kravice Waterfall
Panoramic Ring Road Montenegro
Albanian Riviera
Theth Valley - Albania
Glencoe Region
Kyrgyzstan Mountain Pass
Porto Palermo Castle
Cuillin Mountains - Isle of Skye
Road to Skye - Scotland
Jeruzalem Wine Region
Kegety Gorge Valley
Gjipe Beach
Sveti Tomaz Church
Logar Valley Roads
Lake Skadar River Bend
Budva Old Town
Kravica Waterfall Bosnia
Matka Canyon
Bohinj Valley

In conclusion, all the images above have been shot on DJI Mavic Air and Freewell All Day filter pack. A perfect drone for travelling, landscape photography and minimalist travel, especially when hiking through mountains in Kyrgyzstan and all around the world!

Thus, some iconic images from Scotland are now able to be captured in a completely different perspective when using a drone. As a result, this allows Matthew to capture a unique image from his passion for photographing and travelling to less explored countries.

Firstly, want to learn how to capture unique images with your drone? Secondly, I have written a full blog here on how to capture images with your drone. Therefore, learn what settings to use for your drone, or best of all the gear that I use to capture my images along with the DJI Mavic Air.

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