How To Make Money With Landscape Photography in 2020

How To Make Money With Landscape Photography in 2020

Learn 3 Simple ways to start making money with your travel and landscape photography! This means you can make money while you sleep with the images you already have – Sounds perfect! Using these 3 simple tips can start making you money today.


Step 1: Stock Photography

 Typical Stock Photography Photo
Typical Stock Photography Photo

Stock photography is a passive way to make money from photography while you sleep. But starting stock photography might seem daunting but remember it’s a long term game. Therefore over time, you can build up substantial income because agencies usually pay anywhere between 20-40 cents per sale, meaning that quantity is usually preferred.

5 Stock Photography Websites:

  1. Getty Images – The Most Prestigious Agency

  2. Adobe Stock – Perfect For Adobe Users.

  3. Shutterstock – The biggest Stock Photography company

  4. iStock – The First Microstock Agency

  5. Shuttout – Photography Game to make money & Receive Feedback

Step 2: Meeting in Person

 Wicked Camper Van Scotland
Wicked Camper Van Scotland

Meeting in person and finding clients is one of the simplest ways to make money with photography. These clients own companies in your local area and they all require visual content to promote their business. Approaching clients face to face is something that is so important especially if you’re the face of your business. Resulting in you helping companies such as Tourism companies, bakeries, outdoor agencies, car rental companies or accommodations these ALL need images – sell your services!

Remember: Companies talk to other companies basically meaning this one could lead generate many other leads.

Power Tip: ALWAYS carry a portfolio on your phone to show clients your work because you never know who you’ll have coffee with without Wi-Fi.

Step 3: Putting Yourself Out There

 Featured for IntoAlbania Website Collaboration
Featured for IntoAlbania Website Collaboration

Putting yourself out there and contacting companies before you depart for a trip is very underrated. Although this can be daunting at the start the end result can lead to receiving a free trip or tour in return for your services. Even better than this could mean getting paid plus a free trip for the result of your services. As a result of this, a company in The White Desert, Egypt required images for their website and resulted in a free trip in return.

Remember: Every company needs content and no company is too big for your services.

Make Money from Travel & Landscape Photography Tip!

Making money from Travel & Landscape photography could be the hardest way to make an income from photography. This fact doesn’t mean we give up. Power tip: Giving your work away for FREE! That sounds crazy, right? But hear me out! By giving your work away to the “correct clients” in return for recognition can pay off big. As a result of this, IntoAlbania my largest client to date featured me.


 Matthew Storer
Matthew Storer

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